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I ordered this a few months ago and I'm only now writing this review to say this product works amazingly for my PIE & PIH. I'll definitely repurchase again!

The nivea sunscreen water gel1 is the lightest and best sunscreen I've ever used for oily skin thanks for such a grest product.

Recieved thanks🥰

Received my order today... so far liked it like the packaging was really good and the product seems actually genuine... i was looking for this cream for the longest time in a reasonable price.Finally got it from your website


Fast Delivery and Original Product.

My experience is 4 stars

Using it from past 2 months haven't even finished half of the bottle, It will last you for 5 months as product is 250g. 50g of sunscreen per month for 5 months. It is oily at first but after an hour it feels smooth. Tho it dries the skin as it has high alcohol for fluidity. So moisturize after wards. Apply 40mi. Before going outside or else you will look oiled up. Waiting for it to be restocked.

Very good Product

One of the best sunblock i have ever used. Seems original. Thanks Kglow

Has a light textured but can not able to use two finger method as it crumbles.

Hada labo gokujyun lotion

This is the best moisturizing lotion ever ! It repairs the skin barrier and it is the type of product that will give you glass skin 💕 scanned the qr code too it's original 💕💕 thanks k glow

Hada labo shirojyun lotion

I absolutely love this lotion!! Can't live without it now 💕 scanned the qr code too , it's original. Helps a lot with acne scars and pigmentation.

Biore UV Ultra Rich Watery Essence

Original and good quality and as per promise, satisfied 🙂

It's a very hydrating product, essence/serum whatever they want to call it, for me it's a serum! It has a milky consistency and it's really good so far at just moisturizing and providing a bit of glow, absolutely non irritating for me as well. As far as brightening goes, i think it's too soon to tell but it has excellent ingredients so seems like a great addition to my routine. Hope to buy again when I run out.


This one is not new to me, one of my favourite toners, still loving it! Glad to have it in a bigger size. It's excellent for my sensitive skin, does not cause me any issues and it's soothing and hydrating.


Absolutely lovely moisturizer! Even though it's an emulsion type of product which means it's much lighter than a traditional heavy cream, it does not compromise on the level of moisture it provides. It's full of skin essential ingredients and makes the skin look so smooth and dewy! It also has not flared up my rosacea so I am happy with it so far! Definitely keep this product in stock!! 🙏

I have received my order today and Alhamdulillah I'm very satisfied with your service and the vitamin c. Would highly recommend you guys Looking forward to buying more from you


Best sunblock and original product.I am very mich satisfied with the product.


This product is 100% original and it's work so good it worth to have this in your skincar routine.


Amazing results

The best!

I have very sensitive skin now due to being on tretinoin for some time, so I can't even imagine to use cotton pads or wipes to remove makeup or sunscreen. This has been a lifesaver. Doesn't sting, doesn't irriate. Washes off completely, without stripping. Thanks, kglow!!

Love it!

The moisturizer makes the skin feeling so soft, on top of the other benefits. One drawback I am feeling slightly is that it sits on top of the face and takes a long time to sink in. I combat that by mixing it with one pump of snail mucin, then it leaves such a nice finish. I am so thankful to have found this website. And so thankful to kglow in general for having such a nice array of products to choose from that other such websites don't have. The products are authentic always, so I never have reservations in terms of that. Keep up the good work, guys!!!

Best hair oil!

It leaves your hair so shiny and pillowy, along with getting rid of all the frizz!