Checking Authenticity Of Products Through Barcode/QRcode

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Counterfeit cosmetics have emerged as a pressing issue in the realm of e-commerce in Pakistan, exacerbating consumers’ trust issues in the online marketplace. The convenience of shopping for cosmetics online has unfortunately provided a fertile ground for counterfeiters to thrive. Consumers often find themselves unwittingly purchasing fake products, thinking they are getting genuine, well-known brands. These counterfeit cosmetics not only compromise product quality and safety but also contribute to a loss of trust in e-commerce platforms, as buyers fear falling victim to deceptive listings and unscrupulous sellers.
We often get queries regarding the authenticity of products. Identifying genuine Japanese products from counterfeits through barcodes can be a reliable method, as Japan has implemented various measures to ensure product authenticity. Here’s how consumers can utilize barcode information to distinguish real Japanese products from fakes:

  1. Check the Manufacturer Information: Japanese barcodes typically include information about the manufacturer, which can be crucial in determining authenticity.

    1) Find a QR code or Bar code at product’s label (usually at the back).
    2) Scan the bar code using a bar code scanner app. There are smartphone apps available that help consumers verify product authenticity by scanning barcodes. These apps provide information about the manufacturer and product details. One such recommended app is:
    QR & Barcode Scanner by Gamma Play

    this app automatically identify and shows relevant information such as barcode number, manufacturing country/origin and web search link is also available. For Japanese products you will see “JP EAN-13″‘ code. EAN is is an 8 or 13 digit barcode. This number helps identify the product’s manufacturer and origin.
    JAN (Japanese Article Numbering) is another name of EAN -13 barcode. The first 2 digits i.e the country code of Japan must be 45 or 49.

Melano CC Anti-Blemish Brightening Milk

Scanned barcode

BCL AHA Cleansing Research 7-In-1 Peeling Lotion

Scanned barcode

2. Scan the QR Code: Some Japanese products, especially those with higher value or stricter authentication requirements, include QR codes on their packaging. Scanning the QR code with a reliable QR code reader app can provide additional information about the product, such as production date, origin and brand/manufacturer website link.

SANA Namerakahonpo Moisture Skin Lotion NC

Scanned barcode

You can find more resources on google regarding barcodes and QR codes. 
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