Kracie – Ichikami Damage Repair Hair Oil Serum [60ml]


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Product Size: 60 ml
Brand Name: Ichikami
Manufacturer: Kracie


  • Soften & smoothen dry, damaged hair
  • Control frizz
  • Non-sticky and smooth to use

Product Details:

  • With a herbal and repairing formula that treats damaged tresses, this hair serum applies like hair oil and instantly forms a protective layer over tresses to give them a healthy shine.
  • Mother-of-pearl oil that holds the herbal ingredients quickly penetrated & repaired aiming for high damage.
  • Contains Rice Squalene EX Compounding (Cuticle Smooth Oil Component).
  • Repair, moisturizes and strengthen hair resulting in hydrating silky hair that lasts all day long.
  • Deeply moisturizes damaged hair from the core and makes it smooth and also prevents from further damage.
  • UV cut to protect your hair from UV rays.

How To Use:

  • Take an appropriate amount in the palm and apply to hair concentrating on the mid-length and ends.


Additional information

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Isododecane, hydrogenated polyisobutene, dimethicone, rice germ oil, apricot kernel oil, tea seed oil, walnut seed oil, camellia seed oil, oryzanol, diethyl sebacate, squalane, sesame oil, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, cyclohexane-1,4- Dicarboxylic acid bisethoxy diglycol, tocopherol, perfume


Expiration Date

Japanese cosmetic products have minimum shelf life of 3 years. According to Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare Japan (MHLW), Japanese products are not required to give an expiration date (on packaging) if the unopened product is safe to use for at least 3 years after manufacturing date. Manufacturing date or Period after opening (PAO) is printed on packaging only if a product has only 1 year of shelf life. We import fresh batches of products directly from Japan every month, so you always get fresh products with minimum shelf life of upto 3 years.

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