Kracie – Hadabisei Acne Care Facial Cream (50g)


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Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types, specially for oily, combination and acne prone skin types
Product Size: 50g
Product Type: Cream/Facial moisturizer
Brand: Hadabisei
Producer: Kracie Holdings ltd.


  • Reduces acne/hormonal acne
  • Purifies pores
  • Remove sebum
  • Fade acne scars
  • Brighten skin tone

Product Details:

  • A series of medicated basic cosmetics that can be used to prevent adult acne that can be repeated and to care for acne scars (moisturizing), as well as keratin care and whitening care
  • It’s a Japanese medicated whitening cream that helps to fade scars and prevents the acne from forming with infused Vitamin C, lemon extract and collagen.
  • Moisturizes and softens skin while fading acne scars and blemishes.
  • Contains bactericidal ingredient (isopropylmethylphenol) and anti-inflammatory ingredient (glycyrrhizinic acid 2K)
  • Contains whitening active ingredient (high-purity vitamin C). It suppresses the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles
  • Contains skin conditioning ingredients (hop extract, agetsu extract, oolong extract, oolong tea extract)
  • Contains keratin softening ingredients (lemon extract). Softens the keratin on the surface of the skin.
  • Skin-beautifying ingredient Ex (Yokuinin extract, Biwa leaf extract, Yuzuceramide, Shakyaku extract: Moisturizing skin conditioning ingredient)
  • Moisturizing ingredient (water soluble collagen, hyaluronic acid)
  • Light gel type texture cream
  • Allergy tested , Non-comedogenic tested

How To Apply:

  • Use after cleansing and toner steps in your skin care routine.
  • Take an appropriate amount and apply onto face.
  • When adding milky lotion, beauty essence, etc., please use the cream last.
  • You can use it for morning and night care.
  • If you use it in the morning before makeup, spread the cream thinly and do not rub it too hard.


Additional information

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With over 130 years of experience in the ever-changing skin care industry, Kracie has successfully built a name for itself. Standing by its philosophy of “always think of others,” Kracie is committed to truly understanding its customers’ lifestyles and needs in order to develop unique and high value products. The brand carries a wide selection of hair, body and skin care and is known for its Hadabisei Face Masks that provide various benefits from intense hydration and brightening to firming and radiance boosting.


Medicinal ingredients: L-ascorbic acid 2-glucoside, isopropylmethylphenol, glycyrrhizic acid 2K Other Ingredients: Water-soluble collagen (F), Ougon extract, hop extract, tartaric acid, oolong tea extract, lemon extract, water, concentrated glycerin, cyclodimethicone, DPG, POE methyl glucoside, K hydroxide, POE hydrogenated castor oil, carboxyvinyl. Polymer, ethanol, POE(20) lauric acid sorbitan, dimethicone, cross-linked polyether modified silicone mixture, xanthan gum, HEDTA/3Na solution, BG, phenoxyethanol, paraben, fragrance


Expiration Date

Japanese cosmetic products have minimum shelf life of 3 years. According to Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare Japan (MHLW), Japanese products are not required to give an expiration date (on packaging) if the unopened product is safe to use for at least 3 years after manufacturing date. Manufacturing date or Period after opening (PAO) is printed on packaging only if a product has only 1 year of shelf life. We import fresh batches of products directly from Japan every month, so you always get fresh products with minimum shelf life of upto 3 years.

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